Athletic Woman Doing Push Up on the Beach

Workout Of The Day // 30.01.14

WOD 30.01.14

4 Rounds for Time

10 Sumo Deadlifts
20 Inverted Ring (or bar) Rows
30 Press Ups

RDX: Bodyweight deadlifts, slow tempo ring rows & press ups
L1: 3/4 of Bodyweight deadlifts, slow tempo rows & press ups
L2: 1/2 of Bodyweight deadlifts, 45º inverted rows, 45º press ups*
L3: 16kg (1 pood) – 20kg KB deadlifts, 45º inverted rows, 45º press ups*

A nice quick and light met con overall, but keep those bodyweight exercises slow, full range and good form. 4 rounds of 30 slow press ups can burn out all but the most elite out there. For the rows and press ups make sure your hands are around chest height, no face to the bar stuff here please folks.

*For 45º exercises have the rings (or bar locked in a rack) around waist height when standing next to it when setting up. Grab the bar/rings/platform and walk your feet out until your body is around 45º. We would recommend doing press ups on a raised bar or platform (not rings) like this for anyone who struggles to do 10 or less reps in a row. You’ll engage your core more compared to knees on the floor, and learn midline stabilisation which will translate across all your workouts.

Keep moving.