Workout Of The Day // 19.01.14

WOD 19.01.14

Chipper – for time

50 Reps each of the following for time.

Overhead Squat*
Box Jump**
Press Up
KB Swings***
Overhead Press*
GHD Back Extensions
OH Walking Lunge***

RDX: *40kg Barbell, **24″ box, ***24kg (1.5 pood) Kettlebell
L1: 30kg Barbell, 20″ box, 20kg Kettlebell
L2: 20kg Barbell (standard empty bar), 16″ box, 12kg Kettlebell
L3: Broom for OH Squats & Thrusters, 2 weight plate box jumps, 8kg Kettlebell, body weight lunges.

Complete all 50 reps of one exercise before moving to the next.

Chippers use lighter weight so can be deceptive, but trust that they are long and tough. Use easier sections to catch your breath and break up the harder ones in small bite size chunks. Good luck!

Keep moving.