Workout Of The Day // 04.02.14

WOD 04.02.14

5×5 Deadlift Max

Record weight for each complete 5 rep round. Rest as long as needed between sets.
Post total load for 5 sets (eg. 160, 170, 180, 185, 190 = 885kg Total Load)

Rest 2 minutes after last set then…

50 x Double Russian Kettlebell Swing (Break into sets if needed)
3 x 10 Reps Plyometric Box Jumps (seated position to box) – Rest 60 seconds between sets

RDX: 2 Pood total KB (2x16kg Kettlebells). 28″ box
L1: 1.5 Pood total KB (2x12kg Kettlebells). 24″ box
L2: 1 Pood total KB (2x8kg Kettlebells). 18″ box
L3: 8-12kg Single KB swing. 2 Olympic plates stacked jumps.

All about building that main powerful engine, the butt. Strength and power with this focused workout.

Keep moving.